Circles Wellbeing

You are the artist of your life,

don’t give the brush to anyone

You have the power within.

So many creatives sometimes find themselves sitting at their easel surrounded by paints and supplies that they spent way too much money on and don’t really know how to use.

You just need some support!

Sometimes inspiration comes, but when it’s time to actually create, it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe you jumped into a painting and after a few hours you feel like there is just no way you are going to be able to pull it together.

I get it.

It doesn’t need to be so hard. I want to share my practices with you that make painting more fun and more successful.

Imagine living with confidence!

What if you could live life more positively? What if you made consistent time each week (even daily) to be creative and were part of a growing community of people who support each other on living a more fulfilling life?

  • Have you ever wondered if you were creative?
  • Do you find it difficult to make time to use self-help techniques using the power of your mind to be creative and resilient?
  • Do you worry about not having enough time or money to use self-help techniques?
  • Does self-doubt keep you from pursuing a more positive, fulfilling life?

What would you do with your
new creativity?

Joining CirclesWellBeing will get you the tools you need to…

Create the life you want?
By knowing the power of the mind?
By learning from your challenges?
By turning challenges into opportunities?

The possibilities are endless

How I can Help

It doesn’t need to be so hard. I want to share my practices with you that make ‘painting’ more fun and more successful.

Personal Coaching

Using my WellBeing series of books I can offer you one on one coaching.

Live On-Line Sessions

My live on-line sessions for Intuitive Coaching lets you take that first step on your journey.

1-2 hour advanced lessons

I offer one and two hour lessons on how to create the life you want.

How to Use a Life Journal

Keeping a Life Journal is an important way of progressing in your journey. I show you how.

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Finding Your WellBeing Doesn’t Have To Be

Be inspired and motivated to create the life you want. Use My Mindcircles self-help, self-educational toolbox of products and services to improve your emotional, psychological, mental and overall wellbeing.

About Patricia

Professional Life Coach

I am one of the world’s most sought after personal development Life Coaches and highly popular author of self-educational books; Inspirational Speaker; Broadcaster; Blogger; Vlogger; Academic Examiner and Founder of Mindcircles – a self-help, self-educational toolbox of products and services to motivate and inspire.

These techniques, developed some 20 years ago, are now part of my MindCircles self-help, self-educational toobox of products and services.

My Approach

I help you realise your true potential by yourself. It is not easy as you, like many others, are surrounded by negativity and how you have been and continue to be conditioned by others. 

My Process

There are so many life challenges to face, no matter how big or small. You can achieve your true potential by using  My MindCircles Toolbox of products and services.

Unique Framework

My CirclesWellbeing series, are self-help printed and downloadable WellBeing books which can be purchased individually or as series. They help you cope with various life challenges. building your mental and emotional strength.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Lifestyle

To help you cope with:

  • Anger – How to manage anger
  • Challenges – Dealing with and turning them into opportunities.
  • Self Awareness
  • Communication – How to communicate effectively
  • Influences – Who and what influences you.
  • Mindworks – Understanding the power of the mind.
  • Overcoming Fear
  • People – Types and how to handle different people

Free Online Resources

You Tube Mindbites

Calculate Your WellBeing Today

Don’t hesitate. Start now. You can do this. Use my ABC to help you on your way. Take a walk in nature. Do something creative as creativity builds resilience, much needed in these challenging times. With resilience and courage, you can endure life in a more positive way no matter what life throws at you.

Please Tick your area of interest

An inspirational individual who shone from within when passionately talking about her book 7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success and Happiness)
Danielle M.

Calming and inspiring. Being able to laugh at ourselves Pat is so important, to keep us light-hearted and relaxed and not taking ourselves too seriously. Feeling good about ourselves is so important for our mental health. Great visualisations Pat uplifting and deep breathing is so good – I can still hear the waves breaking on the shore in Berneray!  Thank you. 

David K

My Books on a healthy lifestyle

After one of my Inspirational Speaking engagements I was asked if I had a book! Although I write academic books this request motivated me to write my personal books.

“7 Attributes for Success” (Inner Success and Happiness).

“The Weight of Emptiness“, comfort and hope for loss of a loved one.

“Resilience & Courage“, the key to endurance.

“Changing Seasons of Life“, your creative Journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What does Circles Wellbeing do?

Helps you understand the power of the mind, providing easy to use techniques to help improve your mental, emotional, psychological and overall wellbeing.

How does Circles Wellbeing help improve your mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing?

Because the products, services and easy to use techniques help you develop resilience to can face any life challenges with a more positive frame of mind.

Why use Circles Wellbeing products, services and techniques?

Because we can all suffer mental health challenges but using Circles Wellbeing early can help prevent these challenges from becoming serious.

Is there anything you would like to happen or change at the moment but feel stuck?

Using Circles Wellbeing helps you to become unstuck so that you can move forward with confidence and see challenges as opportunities.

Do you want to improve how you feel about life?

Circles Wellbeing helps you do this by reflecting on your beliefs, thoughts, feelings or behaviours which are holding you back.

Do you need positive easy to use coping strategies to deal with the demands you face at home or work?

We all can or do face too many demands, too little support, too much control at home or work, uncertainty about our role in life, in difficult relationships all impacting on our overall wellbeing. Circles Wellbeing provides you with easy to use techniques to cope with any of these challenges.

Circles Wellbeing can help you turn your life around.


You are the artist of your life,

don’t give the brush to anyone

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